Hi! I’m Kate.

I launched Unspoken Purpose to create space – both individually and through community – for people who want to locate where they are on their purpose journey. In recent years, purpose has become a big buzzword. Here, we believe that purpose is deeply personal, grounded in our story and values, and has the opportunity to fundamentally shift how we show up in the world. Whether you are looking to better understand yourself, create and reach goals (big or small), or figure out how you can make a positive impact on the world, Unspoken Purpose is the space for you.

I currently live in New York City. I run a leadership development program at Echoing Green, where I work with social entrepreneurs and business leaders globally. I care deeply about social justice, leadership development, equity, and human rights. I also care deeply about perfecting my risotto recipe, designing my home to create a beautiful space, and taking care of myself. I believe wholeness, which is grounded in harmony and unity, is something we need more of in this world.

I welcome you to join me in the Unspoken Purpose community. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, or just to hear someone else’s thoughts – check out my blog. If you’re looking to go deeper and understand who you are, I invite you to consider working with me as your coach. If you’re looking to create space for groups to connect as humans, you might find my facilitation style is right for you and your company. Whatever it is – thank you for coming, and I can’t wait to get to know you.